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OTAs go green!

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) such as Airbnb,, Abritel and VRBO, have become increasingly aware of the importance of the environment and sustainability in tourism in recent years. More and more travellers are seeking eco-friendly travel options, which has prompted OTAs to adopt more responsible practices.

Sustainable Travel Report 2022 from indicates that travellers are choosing planet-friendly options, turning to their travel agencies to make sustainable choices and travel more thoughtfully. 78% of global travellers intend to stay at a sustainable property at least once during 2023, and 71% of travellers want to make more efforts in 2023 to travel sustainably.

To respond to these new trends, OTAs are now ensuring that they offer and promote environmentally-friendly accommodations such as hotels or seasonal rentals that use renewable energy sources, efficient waste management systems, or eco-friendly cleaning products. OTAs highlight sustainable tourism activities such as visits to natural parks, cycling tours, and train travel instead of air travel.

OTAs also encourage travellers to adopt environmentally friendly behaviours such as reducing energy and water consumption, and limiting waste. For example, they can offer eco-tips to their customers or discounts for public transportation.

Finally, OTAs are also seeking to minimize their own environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions from their activities, limiting paper use, and using more environmentally friendly technologies.

In summary, the eco-friendly trends of OTAs are focused on promoting sustainable travel practices, raising traveller awareness about the environment, and reducing their own environmental impact.

* Sustainable Travel Report 2022,, 7th edition, study conducted on 30,000 travellers in 32 countries.


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