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  • Why use janitorial service management software?
    As you know, managing seasonal real estate rentals requires a lot of time, versatility and organization. The daily life of a Property Manager (real estate agent, concierge, etc.) consists of initiating, coordinating and monitoring a multitude of activities, while ensuring the satisfaction of owners and tenants. Being able to delegate time-consuming tasks, such as housekeeping services, to software like Orion then becomes essential. 1. You optimize your organization. No more multiple calls and emails to organize cleaning, laundry, key collection... in your seasonal accommodation! The software takes care of it for you. 2. You save time. Time-consuming tasks are taken care of by the software. You then have time to devote yourself to value-added missions: the well-being of tenants and the loyalty of your landlords. 3. You communicate easily and quickly. Thanks to mobile tools (web interface, mobile application), you use secure spaces to exchange, in real time, with your teams performing the services, your owners and your tenants.
  • Why choose Orion?
    Developped by Icare, Orion is the only solution on the market to offer you Genius, your digital avatar. Genius is the artificial intelligence of your Orion software. You shape it and personalize it to your image. You bring your experience, your know-how and your working methods. Orion connects to your usual reservations solution and establishes the schedule of arrivals / departures of guests for each of your seasonal accommodations. It also includes data specific to you: your teams, your service providers, your owners, but also your work habits, preferences and instructions for housekeeping services. Based on this information, Orion communicates with your key contacts (teams, service providers, tenants and owners), organizes interventions, monitors their implementation, bills them, with or without action on your part. Orion accomplishes these missions in accordance with the terms that you have indicated to it (digital avatar Genius).
  • How long does the implementation of the Orion software take?
    Orion is very quickly operational within your real estate agency or concierge. Our technical team takes care of the configuration of the connection with your usual tools (PMS, channel manager). It integrates, if necessary, your external files (xls or csv format) into the software, under your responsibility. Once the training has been completed, you can personalize Genius, your digital avatar, in just a few clicks. You are ready to use the software!
  • Is Orion secure?
    You can trust Orion to keep your data safe. 2FA AuthenticationTwo-factor authentication (2FA) is supported to provide a higher level of authentication and ensure complete peace of mind. Security of your dataYour data is stored with our suppliers who have certifications for the ISO/IEC 27001:2013, 27017:2015 and 27018:2014 standards. These certifications are issued by independent third-party auditors. · Strong encryption for JWT identityWe use JSON web tokens, replacing cookies, as a new standard for securing your identity. This throughout your experience of using our applications. PCI DSS1 ComplianceAll our financial partners are in compliance with the PCI DSS1 standard. We make sure to work with the best. · For future generationsWith our expertise in innovation, all of our technology is meticulously designed for the future of our children. We have developed algorithms that help reduce the carbon footprint.

Orion, concierge service management software

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