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How it works ?

Shape and customize Orion in your image

The hassle is over! Orion is there to manage your housekeeping services: cleaning, laundry, household linen, key collection, payment of the stay… 


Genius is the artificial intelligence of your Orion software.

You shape it and personalize it to your image. You bring your experience, your know-how and your working methods

Orion connects to your usual reservations solution and establishes the schedule of arrivals / departures of guests for each of your seasonal accommodations. 

It also includes your own data: your teams, your service providers, your owners, but also your work habits, preferences and instructions in terms of housekeeping services.


Based on this information, Orion communicates with your key contacts (teams, service providers, guests and owners), organizes interventions, monitors their implementation, proceeds to their invoicing, with or without action on your part.


Orion performs these missions in accordance with the terms you have indicated to it (your digital avatar Genius).


You can stay focused on your priorities: the well-being and satisfaction of your guests!

genie ecran icare.png

+ Flexibility 

Orion adapts to your working habits (manual or automated mode)

+ Save time 

The tasks are linked in Orion, you do not have a time-consuming manual operation to perform

+ Serenity 

Your hassles of organizing, tracking and invoicing tasks disappear

+ Satisfaction 

You and your service providers have access to innovative and effective professional tools that enhance your work. Significant added value for your owners!

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