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ORION orchestrates the management of seasonal rentals

Paris, November 22, 2022 - Managing the logistics services of seasonal rentals is a time-consuming and complicated activity, and with the evolution of the market, property managers are increasingly solicited... However, until now, there was no, truly-complete, management solution. That’s why Orion, the most advanced SaaS (Software as a Service) assisted by Artificial Intelligence and designed for Property Managers, was created.

Orion (launched by Icare in France, mid-October, soon in Spain and the UK) facilitates the management of logistical services for seasonal real estate professionals thanks to its exclusive features and benefits. All procedures are now digitized in a single software application, compatible with the usual booking tools. The Advanced offer is now available to all professionals who are worn-down and burdened by all these tasks.

Thanks to a remarkable growth in Europe and soon beyond, Icare offers all property managers a unique, practical and adaptable offer!

"We have been developing Orion for two years now, using the latest advances in artificial intelligence. This concentration of power and technology is now available, and really makes it possible to simplify the management of seasonal properties. We are very proud of this new tool, and of the complementary offers that we continue to develop in order to better meet the expectations of professionals around the world" explains Jean-Baptiste Dhuiege, CEO and founder of Icare Group.

All processes in one tool: Orion

Orion, through its Advanced offer, takes care of all the interventions necessary for the check-in and check-out of guests in seasonal real estate rentals:

· preparation of the accommodation (cleaning, linen),

· reception and exit (handing over / depositing keys, etc.),

· maintenance,

· and any other service customized by the property manager.

Connected to the current reservation solution of the property manager, Orion organises interventions, monitors their completion and invoices them for each seasonal accommodation, automatically.

The advantage? Property managers can create and develop their own network of partners to offer their guests’ the best experience, all the while generating additional income for Property managers, automatically.

A customizable tool...

In addition to the agenda and the dashboard, the most remarkable feature of Orion is the Genius configuration.

Because Orion is powered by artificial intelligence, users can simply shape and personalize Genius, their digital assistant, according to their experience and needs: work habits, preferences, instructions, schedules... It's the software that adapts to the professional and not the other way around!

And what's more, Genius can organise interventions depending on the distance between the service provider and the property, thus allowing maximum optimisation of missions and teams. Genius is the essential asset for the eco-responsible property manager, reducing carbon footprint!

...and so much more

Calendars, reports, service requests, lists of properties, employees and providers, invoicing, statistics... Orion Advanced has a lot of features!

And that's not all, Orion also has additional strengths such as advanced accounting breakdown, development of 'on-demand' functionality, enforced data security, and adaptability to a growing number of properties, regardless of country.

European Property Managers already convinced

Presented at the European vacation rental trade show, the Vitur Summit in Malaga last October, Orion's software has aroused the interest of many professionals in the sector and is growing very rapidly!

The software will be available in France, Spain and the United Kingdom in 2022 and will be deployed in the United States in 2023, followed by Italy and Portugal. Nothing stops Icare Group!

Press contact:

Aelya Noiret – Agence Etycom : +33 (0)6 52 03 13 47 –


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