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New: Airbnb, access management, City Manager profile

Are you using Airbnb to offer your properties for rent?

Good news, our software Orion can be connected to this platform. For that, it's quite simple: you just need to provide the ICal link of the relevant property. The reservation dates will then be automatically synchronized in your Orion calendar, and you will be able to take advantage of all the benefits of the software.

You'll (finally) save time in managing your logistical services!

Orion is also enhanced with profile and rights management.

As an administrator of the Orion account, you can create new users and assign them specific rights.

This is useful for creating secure access to the software and delegating certain permissions to your colleagues.

Entrust your properties to your City managers!

If you work with City managers, this new feature is tailor-made for you. Orion now allows you to delegate the administration of certain properties to them. For each relevant property, simply indicate the name of the City manager in charge of its management. They will then have access to Orion's professional features to manage bookings and oversee services, whether they are standard (cleaning, check-in/out, etc.) or custom-made.

The result: more peace of mind in managing your properties!

To discover these new features, book a personalized Orion demonstration now.


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