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ICARE, the start-up that is revolutionising seasonal rental: ready for international expansion!

Press release

Paris, 11 October 2022 - Building on the success of its marketplace, ICARE Group continues to grow and launches a brand new software!

Available from mid-October, ORION is a tool dedicated to property managers (concierge services, real estate agencies, etc.) and to seasonal rentals. Entry/exit of guests, handing over of keys, cleaning, household linen... all the interventions of service providers are now managed in a single tool.

With its innovative software, the French start-up has one objective: to simplify the management and logistics of rental properties for professionals in the sector. Thanks to an upcoming fund raising, ICARE Group plans to expand into new territories such as Spain, United Kingdom and, in 2023, USA! A daring gamble, but nothing is impossible for ICARE Group. Indeed, their aim is to provide a global "all-in-one" and international solution for all players in the seasonal property rental industry.

"The holiday rental sector is changing. The demand for rental accommodation is exploding and the expectations of guests are ever increasing. And this is true all over the world! For professionals, it is becoming essential to be up to the task.

Therefore, ICARE Group's mission is to simplify the daily life of property managers. The value proposition is to increase the quality of the services provided, the satisfaction of guests and therefore of owners." explains Jean-Baptiste Dhuiege, CEO and founder of Icare Group.

ICARE Group, an international ambition

After having successfully convinced French professionals with its innovative software, ICARE Group is expanding throughout the world, beginning with Spain and the United Kingdom, and continuing in 2023, with the United States.

With its international dimension, ICARE Group will make the management of housekeeping services more fluid for those involved in the seasonal-property-rental industry.

ICARE Group is pursuing its strategy of financing its growth, with a new round of fundraising planned for the beginning of 2023..

ORION, the sole unavoidable software

Thanks to ORION, the problems related with time consumption, unreliable data and human-error are now solved. No more multiple communication channels, everything happens in one place. Communicating with service providers, planning and organising interventions, following up requests, invoicing and much more are all centralised into one software.

ICARE Group, more than a promising unicorn

ICARE Group was created by Jean-Baptiste Dhuiege, founder and CEO.

From the outset, the team's ambition was to revolutionise the vacation-rental sector by providing professionals with the essential tools for managing housekeeping services.

The group first developed a marketplace, called R-LOGINET, that helped connect property managers with professional service providers (to name a few: professionals specialising in cleaning, laundry and reception services for guests). Following two years of R&D and the feedback from the experience with this marketplace, ICARE Group is proud to announce that its software ORION is now available to take property managers to a higher level!

At a glance

  • 2 years of product development

  • 15 employees

  • 1 M€ of R&D investment

About ICARE Group

ICARE Group was born from the personal experience of its founder Jean-Baptiste Dhuiege. Former CEO of an overseas air-transport company, he started supervising a fleet of seasonal rentals in 2015. He noticed the difficulty associated with housekeeping, and thus had the idea of creating solutions that would address those needs.

ORION is a software application that automates and simplifies property management and housekeeping. Connected to the industry’s existing PMS’, ORION communicates with service providers and teams, organises interventions, monitors the followup and reporting of interventions, provides financial analysis.

The ORION software and R-LOGINET marketplace were born in 2020 and will be launched worldwide at the end of 2022. The team, which currently consists of 15 people, is expected to grow very quickly!

Press contact:

Aelya Noiret - Etycom Agency: +33 (0)6 52 03 13 47 -


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